Upcoming presentations at ASHG 2015

Here is a list of the presentations we will be making at the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics


Presenter Title Details
1. Andrea Slavney Strong evolutionary constraint on human genes escaping X-inactivation is modulated by their expression breadth and level in both sexes.

Poster #1538T.  Thursday, Oct. 8, 12-1pm.

2. Aviv Madar Connecting the regulatory dots at the GWAS discovery phase Talk #332. Saturday, October 10, 11:45pm. Ballroom I, Level 4
3. Feng Gao Inference of super-exponential human population growth via efficient computation of the site frequency spectrum for generalized models Talk #317. Friday, October 9, 5pm. Holiday Ballroom 4, 2nd Floor
4. Alon Keinan The X-factor of complex disease: Methods, software, and extensive application for studying the X chromosome in association studies Talk #24. Wednesday, October 7, 3:45pm. Room 307, Level 3
5. Leonardo Arbiza The relative effective population size of chromosome X and the autosomes along distinct branches of the human population tree Poster #1549W. Wednesday, Oct. 7, 5-6pm.
6. Yedael Waldman The genetics of Bene Israel from India reveals both substantial Jewish and Indian ancestry Poster #1465W, Wednesday, Oct. 7, 5-6pm.


Hope to see you at Baltimore !