Invited Perspective published in Science magazine


Published today in this week’s issue of Science

Science magazine recently invited us to write a Perspective to appear in the same issue as a study by Kaplanis et al. that compiled a genealogical dataset of 86 million individuals using public data from Geni, harnessing it to study human history and lifespan. We were fortunate to be asked to cover such an important paper and to provide further perspective on crowdsourced services and studies in related fields, especially in direct-to-consumer genetic services, while discussing the state of these fields in general—past, present, and future. Click here for the full text pdf! 

Given the very short and concise nature of Perspective articles, we decided to accompany the publication with a blog post. While longer, we believe the blog post is less cryptic to read, more accessible to a general audience, and comprehensive in discussing aspects of that important study and the state of the pertaining fields.

Check out the blog post here


A few hours in, it has already received some attention on Twitter!