Group Members

Alon Keinan Principal Investigator

Associate Professor
Department of Computational Biology
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Alon Keinan studies how human genetic variation has arisen from evolutionary history. His research focuses on elucidating the history of modern human populations and on developing computational methods for searching for genes important in human biology. With a background in computer science and statistics, Keinan develops theoretical tools and applies them to genomic datasets, bridging theoretical population genetics and empirical studies.



Kaixiong Ye Postdoc  | Biological Statistics and Computational Biology

Kaixiong is in general interested in Human Population Genomics and Functional Genomics. His research is trying to understand the role of functional genetic variants, especially regulatory variants, in both human evolution and health. 






Alexandre Lussier Postdoc  | Biological Statistics and Computational Biology

Alex joined the group in January 2018 after completing his Ph.D. at the University of British Columbia. He is interested in Statistical and Population Genomics, as well as the integration of multi-omic datasets. His research currently focuses on the role of X-chromosome variation in human health and disease. 




Jason Jung Undergraduate Research Support | Computer Science

Jason is interested in statistics, data science, and software development. 












Lauren Lo Programmer | Computer Science

Lauren’s research interests include statistical and computational approaches to large-scale disease analysis, X chromosome association studies, and software development. 









Rosa Ma Undergraduate Researcher | Biological Sciences

Rosa is interested in understanding the variations of pseudoautosomal region 1 (PAR1) in the human populations. 










Verlandy Michel Undergraduate Research Support | Policy Analysis and Management










David Wang Undergraduate Researcher | Computer Science & Biological Sciences

David is interested in computational methods for the analysis of population genetic data in the context of evolution and human health.







Alex Marburgh Undergraduate Research Support | Biomedical Engineering



Yishay Pinto Incoming Postdoc (July 2018) | Biological Statistics and Computational Biology



Madhav Mantri Rotation Graduate Student | Computational Biology



Previous Members

First Name Last Name Previous Position in Lab Period New Affiliation


Arbiza Research Advisor 2010-2017

R&D Scientist, Bioinformatics

Twist Bioscience, San Francisco, CA



Research Advisor,

PhD comm. chair


Bioinformatics Scientist

Embark Veterinary


Zhang Research Advisor 2015-2016


Blackrock at NYC


Guo Visiting Researcher 2014-2016

Graduate School

Harbin Institute of Technology

Yedael  Waldman Postdoc 2014-2016

Computational Biologist



Madar Research Advisor 2013-2016

Investigator II

Novartis, Cambridge, MA

Feng Gao Research Advisor 2012-2016

Research Scientist

Healthcare AI startup at Seattle, WA

Zilu Zhou Undergraduate Researcher 2014-2015

Graduate school

University of Pennsylvania

Arjun Biddanda Undergraduate Researcher 2013-2015

Graduate school

University of Chicago

Aaron Sams Postdoc 2013-2015

Postdoc with Philipp Messer

Cornell University

Diana Chang Graduate Student 2010-2014

Associate Scientist



Gazave Postdoc 2010-2013

Postdoc with Michael Gore

Cornell University

Ran Blekhman Postdoc 2010-2013

Tenure-track assistant professor

University of Minnesota

Li Ma Postdoc 2010-2013

Tenure-track assistant professor

University of Maryland

Elaine Zhong Undergraduate Researcher 2011

Medical school

Columbia University

Srikanth Gottipati Programmer / Bioinformatics 2009-2012

Postdoc with Andrew Clark

Cornell University