EGGS 1.0


The summary statistics of human genome sequences play a vital role in human population genetics studies, especially human demographic history analyses. Recent studies presented a new generalized growth model that extends the previous widely used exponential growth model by allowing the growth speed to be faster or slower than exponential as well. This EGGS software can efficiently compute 5 summary statistics given a generalized growth/decline model, including models that are composed of exponential and constant population size epochs:

  • (1) the total number of segregating sites,
  • (2) the time to the most recent common ancestor,
  • (3) the site frequency spectrum,
  • (4) the average pairwise difference between chromosomes per site,
  • (5) the burden of private mutation.

Detailed explanation and example can be found in the software manual which can be downloaded below. The EGGS software package is implemented in C++. The executables for Linux and MAC OS platforms can be downloaded below.



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