BTRY 6890
Current Topics in Population Genomics
Spring 2018


Instructor: Alon Keinan (ak735[at]
Biological Statistics and Computational Biology (BSCB), 102C Weill Hall

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Where: Comstock Hall-Academic II B108
When: Wednesdays from 1:25 to 2:15 pm


BTRY 6890 is graduate seminar on population genomics. It takes the form of a Journal Club, where each week students, postdocs and faculty meet to discuss reserach papers. This semester will focus mostly on human population genomics. A list of papers will be discussed in the first meeting and updated on this page, though suggestions from the presenter are also welcome. 

A special edition of the graduate and undergraduate seminar on topics in population genetics and genomics that focuses on a variety of molecular tests for natural selection. It starts with basic readings in the field and builds to recent scientific literature. Beyond methods, recent papers will involve applications to human population genomics, nutrigenomics, and medical genetics. Course credit is based on participation in discussion and leading discussion of one paper.

This is a 1 credit course (S/U). The requirements for taking it for credit are:

1. Lead the discussion for one of the weeks.

2. Attendance and participation in discussions.