BTRY 6890
Topics in Population Genetics and Genomics
Spring 2012


Instructor: Alon Keinan (ak735[at]
Biological Statistics and Computational Biology (BSCB), 102C Weill Hall

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Where: Weill Hall 121
When: Wednesdays from 1:30 to 2:30 pm

BTRY 6890 is graduate seminar on population genetics and comparative genomics. It takes the form of a Journal Club, where each week students, post-doc and faculty meet to discuss a short scientific publication. During these meetings, one participant of the group gives a brief overview of a pre-defined paper and then the group discusses the methods and the results.

A list of papers to pick for discussion will be presented during the first meeting.
These papers are carefully chosen to be representative of two main topics: Balancing Selection and Natural selection and Coalescent Theory. Each topic will be focused on during a few consecutive weeks.

Having several weeks around the same topic will permit to: 1) acquire a broad understanding of the topics of interest, 2) in-depth study of current scientific issues and challenges related to these topics, 3) develop a critical approach to scientific results.

This is a 1 credit course (S/U). The requirements for taking it for credit are:
1. Lead the discussion for one of the weeks of the class.
2. Attendance and participation in discussions.

Schedule of presentations:

Date Presenter Paper Link
01/25/2011 Alon Keinan Introduction  
Elodie Gazave A limited role for balancing selection. (Astana S et al.) 2004 Click Here
Balancing Selection and Its Effects on Sequences in Nearby Genome Regions. (Charlesworth D) 2006 Click Here
02/01/2012 Kaixiong Ye The effects of local selection, balanced polymorphism and background selection on equilibrium patterns of genetic diversity in subdivided populations.
(Charlesworth B, Nordborg M, Charlesworth D, 1997)
Click Here
02/08/2012 Haley Hunter-Zinck Balancing selection and heterogeneity across the classical human leukocyte antigen loci: a meta-analytic review of 497 population studies. (Solberg OD et al. 2008) Click Here
02/15/2012 Lenore Pipes Consequences of population structure on genes under balancing selection. (Muirhead CA 2001) Click Here
02/22/2012 Diana Chang The genealogy of sequences containing multiple sites subject to strong selection in a subdivided population. (Nordborg M, Innan H) 2003 Click Here
02/29/2012 Pavitra Muralidhar Targets of balancing selection in the human genome. (Andres A et al. 2009) Click Here
03/07/2012 Lenore Pipes Scan of human genome reveal no new loci under ancient balancing selection. (Bubb et al. 2006) Click Here
03/14/2012 Alberto Romero Heterozygote advantage as a natural consequence of adaptation in diploids. (Sellis D et al. 2011) Click Here
03/21/2012 Spring Break … Spring Break … Spring Break
03/28/2012 Colette Picard The genetics of human adaptation: hard sweeps, soft sweeps, and polygenic adaptation. (Pritchard JK, Pickrell JK, Coop G. 2010) Click Here
04/04/2012 Jishnu Das The genealogy of samples in models with selection. (Neuhauser C & Krone SM 1997) Click Here
04/11/2012 Alexis Mychajliw The effect of hitch-hiking on neutral genealogies. (Barton N 1998) Click Here
04/18/2012 Ilan Gronau A method to correct for the effects of purifying selection on genealogical inference. (O'Fallon BD 2010) Click Here
04/25/2012 SangChul & Matt The Structure of Genealogies in the Presence of Purifying Selection: A “Fitness-Class Coalescent”. (Walczak AM et al. 2011) Click Here
05/02/2012 Jaaved Mohammed The Drosophila melanogaster Genetic Reference Panel. (Mackay TF et al. 2012) Click Here